19 January, 2022

The Top New Year’s Resolutions for Advertising

Best Practices

The New Year is a time for reflection and an invigorated sense of activity — even for advertisers and businesses. Here are several important resolutions for advertisers to make in the new year.

Perform More Creative Testing

Creative testing is an area where constantly striving for improvement is justified. Most teams already have well-established processes for creative testing. But now is the time to revisit old processes and tune them up for better future performance.

Now is the time to set more ambitious goals and implement the processes necessary to reach them. That means:

Feature Real People Instead of Animations

The human face triggers positive emotions in people. This isn’t a new idea in advertising, but one that people sometimes forget.

Using real people serves to make your ads more relatable since it builds a deeper connection with audiences. People’s attention is naturally driven towards the likeness of a real human face. Take a look

The only catch to using real faces is that you have to use the right depiction of people in the ad or it can backfire. Also, showing people in ads can distract from the headings, so use the footage wisely. Plus there are two things that constantly seem to boost performance: smiling people and babies faces.

Using reliable concepts based on research and previously compiled data will help make this resolution come true.

Use TikTok Trends Outside of Tiktok

Keeping up with the trends is every advertiser’s job. Right now, TikTok is the place to keep up with trends since they’re easy to spot and circulate the fastest to a large audience.

The average TikTok feed provides a treasure trove of information on which kinds of posts people engage with the most.

Smart advertisers can take advantage of these trends and use them across different platforms.

Incorporate social trends from TikTok into your ad creatives. That doesn’t mean neglecting the trends on other platforms where you’ve been successful, but it does mean shifting more attention to where your customers’ attention is already going.

This ad for Dominoes Gold, for example, took advantage of a popular TikTok transition:

Use Text Creatively

Animated text in ads has risen in popularity in recent years and provides tons of room for creativity and personalization. You can see it in most forms of digital marketing these days.

You will also see it in organic posts on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. But what is the reason for this? Simply put, creative motion graphic text in ad creatives (and even other posts) draws attention. There is just one caveat: the text should be unique and creative.

In this new year, try to find unique ways to make text pop, whether that’s through creative animation, different fonts, or even savvy use of timing.


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