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More users mean more revenue to the company. Our User Acquisition model ensures you attract the right customers at a reasonable cost and see a rise in customer engagements.

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Fully Managed Profit-Driven Advertising

Reach your campaign’s objectives with customized media planning. A perfectly curated User Acquisition strategy is built to raise brand awareness, drive more users, and scale ad spend without compromising business goals.

We help you achieve top campaign performance across all platforms – Search, Display, Social – through proven UA strategies, immense databases that allow for industry benchmarking, and experience managing large-budget campaigns for a diverse portfolio of leading brands within competitive verticals.

Stradex's fully managed UA services include content and creative production, smart audience segmentation and bidding, and advanced reporting – all formulated to communicate the perfect marketing message to your users. Our team optimizes your campaigns with data-driven marketing, creative thinking, outstanding graphic design, constant testing and extensive analysis.


Advanced Analytics. Enhanced Optimization.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your campaigns by utilizing the best tactics to maximize ROI. Optimize for post-install events including purchases, registrations, subscriptions and more, hitting your audience with engaging creatives every step of the way in order to secure a better CPA.

At the heart of campaign optimization is in-depth performance analysis. Now you can pull real-time insights from a seamlessly endless amount of data using Stradex Analytics – a fully customizable reporting dashboard created by the Stradex tech team. Access all your data from multiple accounts & platforms in one, easy-to-use place, and track the metrics important for your goals. Added bonus – beautiful data visualization for your internal reporting needs.

This transparency allows our UA experts to spot trends, identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions. Combined with Stradex's unique optimization techniques structured to fuel growth, we find the right placements and audiences for your ads.


Better Targeting. Smarter Audiences.

Every good campaign starts with finding the right user, at the right place, at the right time! Targeting audiences who are likely to be high-intent users means improvements across KPIs. Strengthen your targeting capabilities by implementing smart audience segmentation and creating seed audiences.

Through best practices, campaign performance analysis and competitive intelligence, Stradex's UA experts help you discover new audiences. With precise audience targeting, we deliver tailor-made marketing messages to a valuable user base who will engage with your offering.


Ad Creatives Made for You

Creatives can be the make or break point for any marketing campaign. You want to ensure that you’re delivering the proper format to the proper audience on the proper platform. We produce your ads for you! Stradex's Creative Studio provides top quality, engaging ads for each segment to increase click-through rates. Our designers build creatives for all ad types and, together with our innovative technology, Alison, customize creatives based on user behavior, interests, demographics, geos, OS, etc.

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