21 June, 2022

Marketing And Precautious Sentiment Of The Community

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In the modern society, massive information flows have continuously been delivered en masse day and night. New articles, videos and advertising contents have emerged and flooded the internet throughout every single second, though undesirably making themselves become uneasy to adopt among the general community.

In the modern society, massive information flows have continuously been delivered en masse day and night. New articles, videos and advertising contents have emerged and flooded the internet throughout every single second, though undesirably making themselves become uneasy to adopt among the general community.

Why are users increasingly "concerned" about ads?

The answer is actually molded in the question itself. Marketing has historically been considered as a creative and innovative profession, however, sometimes it is also weighed up as a kind of "fly-by-night". Advertising products are usually launched to boast the creator’s and his brand’s so-called honorable missions and messages. Instead, it definitely is the heartbreaking truth that consumers are increasingly avoiding and trying to distrust the media for the following reasons!

“Flooded” with information

Modern advertising is delivering too much tales to tell, conveying a large amount of distracting contents and giving the target audience a hard job of digesting all of the information (the ultimate intention of every campaign). This is also a formidable challenge for marketers as the users, especially the younger generations, are going through such kind of hurry, fast paced lives and have no interest in receiving such excessive amount of facts and figures that they consider as unnecessary.

“Semantic satiation” and a lack of entertainment

Too much content has been posted, yet in a kind of repetitive, obsolete pattern and even sometimes, they were mixed and crammed blatantly with the ideas and content relating to the targeted brand. Frequently, they failed to deliver such relaxing elements that can bring down the inherent unnerve of the broad community to advertisements such as: enjoyability, fun, easy-to-watch, easy-to-remember, etc. Semantic satiation is also a real concern as for now, it is common for the users to randomly bump into several identical short videos, so the brand itself is not that remarkable, not to mention indistinguishable.


It is a common sense for people to deeply put themselves into their favorite movies or songs on a high note. Disrupting such emotional moment in a sudden way would only result in irritation and displeasure for the users whenever they encounter with the advertisements. What they would do without hesitation is just pressing the holy moly “skip ads” button at once.

Afterall, what is the real value of a campaign or an advertisement?

In fact, an entire successful advertising campaign is a combined product developed by the harmonized cooperation of the exceptional think-tank squad. Powerful and heartfelt messages empathizing the needs of the customers, or images and texts with concise yet extremely dedicating ideas are meant to initiate and consolidate a long lasting connection with the users. Living up to such esprit de corps, each campaign would be constructed accordingly to a specific narrative - a unique and brilliant story that underscores the brand, boosting a kind of brand image and build up trust inside the community.

So what is the true power of advertising?

Simply put, it is all about making the customers to fall in love with the brand!

But to make them fall in love with the brand, let them give credit for it and make them feel that you are truly sincere at the first place. However, this is also the kind of factor that several giants as well as unicorn brands have insensibly discarded in well-planned yet handicapped campaigns which have a lack of sympathy with their customers.

Starbucks and "Race Together"

The coffee giant was likely to have a goodish creative idea when it launched a campaign, namely, "Race Together" in March, 2015. This campaign called for a national conversation about racial inequality by putting a slogan of "Race Together" on coffee cup. In addition, the campaign also encouraged Starbucks’ employee to have conversation with their customers about this subtle topic. Swiftly, the campaign turned into a social media meme and failed miserably as offended consumers started to protest against the “deep engagement in politics” of the brand.

Dove: Facebook misfire (2017)

Dove is a subsidiary of Unilever and they have worked with entities like Ogilvy & Mather to produce advertising campaigns.

In a Facebook ad featuring Dove’s gentle cleanser, the brand decided to show a woman of black ethnicity removing her shirt then revealing a caucasian woman after using the product. This has sparked outrageous response all over the social media against the brand, with customers playing down its business with hashtags like #DoneWithDove and calling for boycott of the brand's products.

Marketing: the art of winning people’s heart and mind

To win acceptance among the crowd, every so often it is not just about being a good brand, a friendly brand with great products, but it also requires intensive "brainstorming" to come up with the ideas and know-how to deliver the kind of message that the brand expect the community to adopt.

The following values are such kind that any marketing campaign should have and should apply:

●       Empathy for your customers and yourself: “insight” is like a tenet that many creators and marketers want to be committed to, and this is not just about understanding but also examining, analysing, evaluating and coming to conclusions professionally. While realizing the demands and the psychology of your customers, you may have "won" half of the battle.

●       In-depth consolidation over the contents, emotions and entertainment: marketers nowadays are doing a fairly good job of telling stories, but they have not really struck out of the outdated pattern and outperformed the broad-based, average marketers in terms of ideas. However, storytelling is still a one of a kind approach that cannot be underrated among the insiders, at least for now.

●       "Noise" factors reduction: do not beat around the bush and do not overload the contents with hilarious trending stories that affect the general message.

●       Increase engagement and users support: to achieve this goal, technology adoption can not be ruled out. Currently, major brands all over the world have come up with bold ideas to get their customers interacting directly with advertisements using cutting-edge technologies.


Finding the right partners and building a professional, dynamic and creative squad for outperforming lead generation requires substantial effort, by all means. It would all become just like a walk in the park with Marketo – a central institution of youthful innovators and marketers with outstanding aspiration of creating top-notch brand promotion campaigns.

The advertising/digital marketing market is a lucrative haven, providing an opportunity for young marketers to grow unlimitedly. In fact, the advertising/marketing industry always embraces bold and distinctive ideas from any innovator regardless of age or professional experience.

Marketo features its own talented and dedicated digital marketing team with the desire to kick off resounding and successful social media campaigns with multiple brands.

-         Lead generation with unique ideas and the ability of implementing multiple platform campaigns at a fair and optimal cost.

-         Committed sales team with constant willingness to give out their best support so that the brand would achieve a high customer retention rate, and to cooperate with the brand to improve its service quality, providing exceptional experience to the community.

-         Leveraging a huge database and the cutting-edge technologies for content analysis and idea generation for optimal campaign operations.

-         Screening assistance over the best-suited candidates to the company’s prospect.

-         Commitment as a reliable partner associated with the brand to overcome challenges along the development journey.

Marketo has been aiming for the greatest values over the past 5 years to strengthen its position and take advantage of the absolute mastery of modern Digital Marketing.

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