19 January, 2022

Adapting to User Acquisition Trends & Capoeira Moves, Deniz Varol is letgo’s Marketing Chameleon


For Deniz Varol, business has always been an interest. She took business class as an elective in high school, where she learned about marketing. It was at that point that she thought, “you can add value to a product/service just by marketing it in a creative way? That’s really cool!” (I’m sure that wasn’t what she thought word for word, but it was probably something along those lines).

Because of this one thought, she took marketing classes in college, while she was studying business organizations of society. After some time in these classes, it dawned on her that she was really into the data and computer side of things. It was the optimization part she liked – the ability to spend money, see results, look at the data, and make changes almost instantly.

So, after college, Deniz began looking for jobs in the field. She interviewed at many different companies until she found herself an internship.

The internship turned into a full-time gig in the SEO department, which led to paid marketing, to Search Engine Marketing. She learned all aspects of web marketing and lead generation.

It was time for her to move onto her next challenge – mobile marketing for an app.

Deniz strongly believes in doing something that has a positive impact on people’s lives. She is now the User Acquisition Manager at letgo, a local buying and selling marketplace for users who want to sell items or buy secondhand.

There, she is responsible for growing their new user base both in paid and organic channels, as well as re-engaging with current users to increase their in-app activity.

“By working at letgo,” Deniz says, “I feel motivated every day that I’m helping people get rid of their clutter, live a better life, and help the environment by reusing stuff instead of buying brand new products.”

What are the main components of your marketing mix? What channels are you utilizing?

We utilize the main channels, such as Google, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, ASO, and some programmatic partners. It’s important to keep a balance between these channels and not put all your eggs in one basket. On top of the main channels, we evaluate and test new partners and channels like influencer marketing.

Google, Facebook, Apple search ads, ASO.

From each channel, we get a bit of a different type of user. For example, on search platforms, people have high intention to sell products.

When we look at data from ad groups and the in-app actions that people take after downloading letgo, we see that, because they have the intention to sell, there are more listers coming from those campaigns.

On the other hand, social media platforms are a prime spot to grab someone’s attention with shiny, nice pictures of products and good prices. That basically attracts more buyers, because they say, “Oh my god, I get to buy this product for so much cheaper as secondhand.” So they go and start conversations with sellers instead of buying right away.


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