21 June, 2022

Marketing: contribution recognition to brand’s promotion and value enhancement

Brand Management

Amid the 1950s, it was the quality of a product and the value it can provide that defined the success of a business and the loyalty of their customers rather than those creative, eye-catching packaging.

However, the booming era in various advertising activities in the 1960s has changed the consumers’ perception entirely. Business features such as fancy designs, product durability, or unique services are all connected in some way to the company’s brand name. So what the brand value has to offer for its related business? Why were millions of dollars burnt annually at ease for the development of “brand awareness”?


A definition of brand value at Marketo Stradex

At Marketo, “brand name” is seen as a business product while brand value is appreciated as one of the most impactful factors that drives revenue. Nowadays, a weak media presence with limited information and images would be challenging for the respective brand to encourage purchasing decisions. Quality products might not be able to boost sales in case the producer is a minor player in its industry. That led us to a further concern which is the importance of brand value in this scenario.

What is brand value?

Brand value, based on Marketo Stradex’s acknowledgment, is recognized as the monetary value of a brand in its relevant marketplace.

In other words, brand value comes as real benefits, usually cash, offered by the companies who expect to take advantage of your brand name, logo, or identity for their business, whatever it is. Reciprocal relationship determines the equivalent amount of what they have to pay in exchange for the access to your brand resources, you name it.


Understanding core value of a brand

Unlike unique slogan or logo that deliver certain favorite sayings, core value deeply represents a brand identity, playing as a navigator for the brand own narrative.

It is important to spot the major difference between brand value and core value in that the latter is unmeasurable in terms of dollars and it might stand the test of time. Core values are referred to as the "heart" of a business, ruling all operations.

Large corporations always construct their core value around 2 elements: trust and the way to earn it.

Marketo Stradex: “Extraordinary ideas derive from the simplest things”

It does not have to be the most daring or some kind of voodoo arts to get your concept into the spotlight. Sometimes, business competition is just about minor yet crucial deflection, which might be the miracle itself, from the original ideas. However, innovative ideas do not merely come out of thin air. A strong connection between the original and unconventional ones should be a must to ensure the creation of new and unique products that are completely different from other peers.

These are the values readily available at Marketo. Our fundamentals are set to revolve around the simplest principles, leading to a defined direction for your business growth as it should be at the outset. The bargains at Marketo Stradex are just seemingly a steal, which is begging to be taken.


What does Marketo Stradex have to offer?


Development of Brand loyalty

Marketing rule of 7 states that an average user would take 7 times of engagement with the product prior to his actual payment. Your best quality product might be realized elsewhere, though there is a common, justifiable rationale saying that: "Such an exceptional product, but I won't need it for now". If that is the case, will your brand recognition remain strong, let’s say, after 3 months? 

For this reason, the marketing rule of 7 does help at a time when "the consumer confidence reaches its all-time low".

Marketo Stradex offers business growth assistance all the way from the ground up, maintaining brand authenticity, visibility and gaining customers' trust while enhancing business value.


Taking your brand to the next level

Purchasing decisions can not be made without the customers’ understanding about the respective producer. Your business’s value includes not only its products and services but also other certain assets.

Any brand may keep an ace up its sleeve with multiple core values. That said, it is a common behavior among business executives to back the wrong horse by boasting their strengths all out. Marketo Stradex is one of the few supporters being able to pinpoint the best fit values for your brand campaign.


Providing ultimate customer experiences

Marketo Stradex would offer your customers a good taste of experience. A satisfying customer experience likely results in an inclination to consume more of your product or service. It is almost certain that good customer experience comes along with better spending for your service or product rather than a comparable product with a lower price tag.


To sum it up

A brand’s core value is the most unique, exclusive, and prominent value of its business versus the remaining. Business operations are fundamentally built on core values, which strengthen its brand and determine their position in the market. Thus, brand’s value enhancement is what you need to put up your effort for.


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