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Stradex push businesses to the leading position in the industry with smart technology created to improve business management and marketing campaigns. We are devoted to empowering your firm with advanced management and creative analysis. We constantly find new ways to deliver excellent results to our partners.

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Our management dashboard is built following the philosophy of continuous improvement, with the end goal of optimizing our partners’ operations, hence improving business results. The high degree of flexibility of the platform allows it to be easily integrated into business workflows, from simple daily operations to complex processes. The data collected are then compiled and processed, providing a clear picture of the situation. This enables leaders to identify weaknesses or problems in the early stage and work on the solutions fast, thus saving cost.

By having one view of the organization, senior leaders across different teams and departments could reach the same level of understanding, letting them collaborate on planning and implementing enterprise-wide solutions easily.

Data-based decision
Successful collaboration
Reduced time and cost

Gain unparalleled insights into the performance of all your marketing campaigns with clear and simple visualization!

Stradex smart analytics platform offers complete transparency over the entire activity across channels, and you can see it all in one comprehensive view. With the Stradex Analytics Platform, you get a fully customizable dashboard that paints a whole picture of your paid and organic marketing performance.

Our technology gathers actionable insights in real-time, allowing you to efficiently shift budgets according to what’s working best.

Track marketing KPIs in real time.
Optimize campaign performance
Maximize ROI

Feel secure knowing that Stradex's internal alerting system monitors your campaign performance in real time!

We developed Stradex Alerts to keep us on the ball when it comes to your budgets. This internal automated notification system monitors an array of tailor-made KPIs for each partner and delivers live signals to your account manager.

With the Stradex Alerting System, we can make sure that our campaign performance is always within predefined targets, so you’re always getting the most out of your ad spend.

Live signals
Simple set-up
Optimized Ad Spend

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